Hot To Clean Area Rugs

I am sure at some point you have seen the procedure of beating an area rug as a way to loosen the dust compiled within, whether it was an image  or an old T.V. show, or maybe you have even seen your mother… Read More…

Area Rug Cleaning

A new home fashion trend that is currently gaining popularity is area rugs. They add a burst of color or texture to a room and can tie together all the pieces of a room to really make it say something… Read More…

Traffic Lane Only

Have you ever lost the Remote to the television, first you search the obvious spots like between the cushions and under the pillows right? If this leaves you stranded and still searching, you may enlist help and decide to move… Read More…

Holiday Carpet Traffic

The Holidays are approaching and we are all making plans on how to spend them. Celebrating with family is a common tradition and many of us will have full homes spilling over with guests young and old. With the fall weather… Read More…

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